Gamateur: Assignments & Experiments

Hip Hop UK (May 2007) — First actual attempt with electronic music. (Not mixed)
Time Levels
(© Dec 2007) — Second experimental electronic piece. Modulates from
A flat Phrygian --> G flat Harmonic Minor.
Dead Alive
(Dec 2008) — Sonic study #1 - This piece symbolizes an intense struggle
followed by an end to the suffering. There are 3 movie quotes. Can you
identify the actors?
WWS Theme
(Feb 2009) — I was asked to recreate the theme to the Wide World of Sports
(originally composed by the brilliant Charles Fox) for a retirement ceremony.
They needed the music without Jim McKay's voice-over.
Bring That
(May 2009) — Sonic study #2 - This track is quite different, mostly goofy.
There's riff I recreated? Do you know from which song? Thanks to my
homie Ray for the vocals.
Radio "quick set"
(Oct 2009) — A 10-second sequence of 10 really cool songs. Bonus points
for identifying 3 or more. No Shazam or Sound Hound cheats please ;P
Someday You'll Know   
(© May 2010) — First structured composition. NOTE: MIDI
instruments - may not play correctly as written
Sun Will Rise
My mix of a jazzy RnB song performed by unknown artists; stems were
provided by our instructor.
Through the Weather
(© Dec 2010) — Second structured composition, which used
instrumentation principles.   NOTE: MIDI - may not play correctly as

Equipment/software used:
• Alesis QS 6.1 & 8.1 keyboards
• Cubase
• Mac Mini G4
• Reason 4
• Pro Tools 7.4
• Sibelius 3

"Without music, life would be a mistake." —Nietsche

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